BLISS is an acronym which fully means Breakthrough, Leadership, Innovation, Skill & Success Choice Mandate. BLISS Choice Mandate is a vision impressed by God powered through Holy Ghost & Power Mission (Inc) to be an interdenominational leadership mandate committed towards helping youths, teenagers in Schools, organizations, nations make right purposeful choices towards becoming meaningful and accomplished leaders that will effect positive changes in all spheres of influence of the organization or nation.


BLISS Choice Mandate, is a leadership organization established to liberate youths, men and women in the community from hooliganism, from cultism, from inferiority, shackles and bondage of Satan, from mockery waters of corruption, from drugs, from sexual depravity or moral breakdown, adolescent unchastity and other bad habit that are destructively sweeping away our youths and the world they were born into. We are dedicated and committed towards affecting people positively and bringing them to the point where there decision is redefined towards fulfilling divine, God designed assignment on earth. We achieve this and seek to achieve it with you and the students or employees in your organization through our leadership, character building Teachings and Educational materials or Building or renovating educational facilities.


BLISS Choice Mandate seek to help youths understand that it is our choices in life and not the chances that we find ourselves that determines if we are going to be agents of positive changes, successful or be a failure.


BLISS Choice Mandate believes your choice is your voice. We believe every man becomes his choice and he’s driven by the choice he consciously or unconsciously makes. This choice affects everyone and everything around us.


OUR MISSION is to convey and build youths and organization through God’s words and Mind building Kingdom principles which will eventually open their mind to reconsider the choices they make per time in order to safe their future and future generations and give them a right and peaceful voices.


OUR VISION: …redefining the basis of choice for meaningful & accomplished life…


OUR INSPIRATION: We were inspired of God towards embarking on this assignment as an extension of what God wants to do through Holy Ghost & Power Mission in the community and for the lives of people in the community. God’s word reveals that He has created man with the power to make decisions and be responsible for their choices. The scripture says I have set before man LIFE and DEATH, choose one, but i desire says God that you choose LIFE. God has raised us to youths and organizations CHOOSE RIGHTLY.

But regrettably, for man (including youths of today,  man in organizations health sectors, political offices, arts, entertainments, educational sector, judiciary, legislative parliaments and sports), the choices  we make are choices that are destroying our lives and our world. People prefer the choice of homosexuality, lesbianism, masturbation etc than the choice of moral sexual integrity, justice, virginity, lawlessness, godliness etc. That are the reasons we are raised up to help as many redefined their choices in order to have refined transformed voices for the positive building of our nations and our nation’s economy, where God becomes the centre of focus in every decision we have to make.




We aim at actualising BLISS vision of changing lives from corrupting influences such as indecency, homosexuality, lesbianism, vain glorification of promiscuity, legalistic voyeurism, and proliferation of pornography into becoming incorruptible seeds breaking forth in success, through God’s word which lives and abides forever.


We seek to further actualize BLISS visions through public speaking, breakthrough and Success Strategy Seminars. We will be organizing leadership seminars, business seminars, motivational, relationship seminars, publications of bulletins, Life transforming Books that will correct the basis of decisions people make in their various spheres of influence, their chosen profession or vocations.


We will be More than willing to honour your invitation to have us speak at your conferences, seminar, youth conventions, and leadership seminar. Do contact us now on the following lines on +2347036398878, +2348181383477


We will appreciate your partnership support both moral, financial and non-financial support to keep making BLISS CHOICE MANDATE a louder voice of greater transformation.


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