THE PLACE OF PURITY-Poem by Pastor Adeniyan Olaolu Joseph


Poem by Pastor Adeniyan Olaolu Joseph


phone pics-001Looking from God’s telescopic words,

I wish my heart were ever pure,

My mind and thoughts untainted,

Except this world and its lust,

My attitudes have painted.


World of sinking sight,

Ocean of turbulence capsizing its beautiful events are,

Full of walking pornography,

And almost drowning I am becoming,

Like a gallant soldier as Peter i was,

But deadened i had almost become,

Save! Save!! Dear Lord prayed I,

That i might be safe, i cried,

His hands stretched forth I’ll grab,


Yet my focus on my course shifts from right to wrong,

Like a man sitting on the fence,

But on Jesus alone will i gaze,

The mortal frame may seems dragging me down,

But on the power of His Holy Spirit will I grasp,

Till my dreams I achieve,

Till I leave the desolate ghost town.


Now then, if holiness would thou obtain,

That from sexual iniquities you will abstain,

A tender Christian vessel you will remain,

Till all your dreams are attained,

In His glorious Strength you are sustain,

And in His abiding presence you will maintain,

His Holy words will you retain,

Till your divine purpose are attained.


One thing desire I of the Lord,

That seek I strongly,

That God factor will be my driving motor,

In purity and humility as my tractor,

In absolute divine relationship will i remain pulled on,

Ever to keep saying Holy Ghost aggressive NO,

To worldly affections and all acts of corruption,

will I flee,

Till my dreams I achieve,

Till I leave this desolate ghost town,

For a Celestial city of God’s Kingdom


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