I DARE NOT STRAY AWAY-Poem by Pastor Olaolu Adeniyan

I DARE NOT STRAY AWAY -Poem by Pastor Olaolu Adeniyan

olaskoJoy to the world,

Born this day, arrival of new chap,

Budding into a fully grown man I become,

Before the very gazing face of the cloud of witnesses,

Now as a man,

A careful person I want to be,

Observe I on each day dawn,

A little fellow follows me,

I do not dare to stray away,

for fear He’ll go the self same way.


Yet Thousands gaze watchfully,

A role model and mentor they desire of me ,

For to be restructure, their minds are set,

To self control, uprightness of heart they crave,

Holy and disciplined life they desire,

To them a mirror of emulation I become,

Always before me, God I set,

Imitating Him,

All because  little fellows follows me.


His eyes, I cannot escape,

Whatever He sees me do he tries,

Like me he says he’s going to be,

A role model I realise I am,

A mentor carry i myself to be,

For that little chap who follows me


Hmmm! I must remember as I go,

Through the wet and dry seasons of life as I grow,

Through the sea turmoil, valleys of trials and tribulations,

Even life tempest, my test I painfully endure,

I am building for years to be,

The little chap that follows me,

The upcoming generations and all

That stands all days watching.


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